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Our terms are very simple: 1. We work once the agreed payment is received. We commence our work the moment the deposits reflect in our account - payment also confirms the acceptance of our terms. 2. You don’t pay, we won’t work - unless you inform us and we all agree on a plan. Unfortunately we are not in the position to give credit. 3. No nonsense All intellectual property [as presentations, research, design- and open files] belongs to SITEWAYS unless differently agreed in writing. Websites will not go live unless design fees are paid in full. 4. Ethics Given the fact that there are only 10 positions available on Google's Page #1, it is our policy to represent and service up to 3 customers only with good quality websites in any given category. Should you decide to end your web monitoring contract, your spot becomes vacant. 5. Until further notice If it becomes necessary for us to materially change this policy, we will provide prominent notice to those who use our service.
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