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In depth analysis of

existing website

We recommend to start every optimization process with a thorough “As-Is” analysis and this package contains the following: 1. Define the objective: What is the task to accomplish and what do you expect from your website? 2. Evaluate your current situation: before we are able to get you where you want to be, you have to know precisely where you are. We analyze the current status per page for keywords and competitors: website html mechanics, current keyword/phrase rank, keyword density and cluster, keyword traffic and your clients’ search behaviour. 3. Presentation of results and recommendations: in relation to your business and future plans we present options within a given budget for on-site and if requested, off-site SEO. Cost: from R6,250 for a full website audit. Payment: in advance in full Do you have questions? an affordable SEO consultant

Off-site optimisation

Dependent on your business and the level of competition your are facing, an on-site optimisation might not suffice to bring or keep you in the top ranks, then -like it or not- off-site measures are required. To name a few: Google Profile: Maps, Places, quality link-building; social media promotion and engagement [e.g. google+, linked-in, facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube]; blogging, news feeds and article writing, press releases, directory entries, youtube videos, email newsletter. Since there are so many options we will develop an individual internet marketing plan according to your budget, likes and needs. A word of warning right here: offsite success takes time, at least 3 to 6 months for measurable success. Cost & Payments: per individual request

Rank Monitoring

Keyword Monitoring

We offer on-going site, competitor & keyword monitoring per month. Once you made it in the top 10 ranks we’d like to make sure you keep that A1 location, in other words site- monitoring is like an online watch-dog or an insurance. Monthly Cost: R325 monthly for our unique monitoring tool - [annual contract] Payment: monthly in advance

Website onsite/onpage


Depending on the competition most local and regional businesses are perfectly fine with a on-site/on-page optimisation to make a top rank. The results of our in-depth analysis enable our clients to chose top priority keywords and phrases. Once done it's time to make sure that your website is set-up for success. All page code and tags will be updated accordingly. Usually it is necessary to re-write quality page content for headlines and tags to match the chosen keywords. This package also includes the first month site & keyword monitoring of results. So, once the work is done we watch and if necessary adjust. Exciting times! Typically, on-site/on-page results show within 6-8 weeks. Cost: R1,875 per researched, analysed, optimised and implemented keyword/-phrase Payment: in advance in full Keyword monitoring R25 per keyword on any search engine you wish [annual contract]
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Taylor-made SEO Services Cape Town - SEO Packages to suit your needs

Every business and budget is different; therefore we have bundled our services to match your needs in handy packages. We know from experience on-line success can be achieved also with small steps, it is more about a holistic understanding of your needs, planning and allocation of a smart and effective marketing mix.

Special SEO Services

While every one of the previous steps is important, it might be necessary to 1. write quality content: additional content matching the newly chosen keywords and applying ‘SEOish’. 2. design or re-design the website: with a focus on converting traffic into sales, user friendliness and attractiveness. Cost: Webdesign from R9,950 per site Payment:  50% in advance, 50% before going live
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If you are still not sure, then we suggest you start by requesting a basic website audit.


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